Commercial Restaurant Warmers/Merchandisers

Help create impulse sales with attractive pizza warmers

Cozoc's versatile Warmer/Merchandisers are ideal for front or rear counter applications. The operator side has the controls and a door for easy loading. The customer side door makes it a self-serve unit. The adjustable thermostat and circulating fan are ideal for any application. Adjustable chrome-plated racks can be placed flat or sloped and are removable for easy cleaning. Attractive graphics help create impulse sales. Stainless steel and aluminum construction provide durability and ease of cleaning.

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Cozoc PW5002‐3 Hot Food Merchandiser

Our Price: $615 Cozoc PW5002‐3 Hot Food Merchandiser

Cozoc PW5002‐10‐12 Pizza Warmer

Our Price: $1,015Cozoc PW5002‐10‐12 Pizza Warmer

Cozoc PW5002‐10‐18 Pizza Warmer

Our Price: $1,426Cozoc PW5002‐10‐18 Pizza Warmer

Cozoc PW5002‐10‐22 Pizza Warmer

Our Price: $1,764Cozoc PW5002‐10‐22 Pizza Warmer