Commercial Restaurant Ventilation Products

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems for every size restaurant

Vent hoods are a crucial part of your commercial kitchen. It is important to match the right commercial kitchen ventilation system to the equipment you use. A properly designed restaurant exhaust hood keeps your business running safely and efficiently. Vent hoods used in restaurants are different than those used in domestic kitchens due to the excess heat, vapor and air emitted in commercial kitchens. Our years of experience in understanding these requirements combine so that we can help you choose a commercial kitchen ventilation system suited to optimize your kitchen. Browse through our selection of commercial grease hoods, vent hoods, return air fans and exhaust fans to use on your project.

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Larkin Type 1 Exhaust-only Canopy Hoods

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Larkin Type 1 Compensating Canopy Hoods

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Larkin Condensate (CH) Hoods

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CaptiveAire Fully Integrated Self-Cleaning Hood

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CaptiveAire Low Proximity Backshelf Hoods

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CaptiveAire Wall Canopy Hoods (Type I and Type II)

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CaptiveAire Single Island Hoods

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CaptiveAire Perforated Supply Plenums

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CaptiveAire Recirculating Hoods

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